Episode 151 – Are you a tortoise or a hare?

Episode 159 – Abby Fermont talks about keeping it in the family
Episode 158 – Getting a head start on Christmas

Some people are tortoises and some people are hares. 

That’s the reality within most things in life. Some people are slow and methodical and others like to race through and get the job done.

In this podcast, we discuss the pros and cons of each method and the factors to take into consideration.

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Show Summary

  • Thinking about whether you are a tortoise or a hare
  • When is being a hare necessary?
  • Working with rather than against your energy levels

  • What is the minimum amount of time it would take to declutter a whole house

  • Why tortoises berate themselves for being slow

  • How it is important to work methodically and thoroughly

  • How the cycle of success will help

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