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Welcome to The Declutter hub 

Let go of the things in your home you don't love, so you can cherish the things you do.


Does this sound like you?

  • Are you faced with a whole house full of clutter, wondering where on earth to start?
  • Does decluttering seem such a gargantuan task that it never gets to the top of your to do list? 
  • Do you seem to have an emotional connection to just about everything? 
  • Do you sometimes manage to declutter, but before you know it you're back to square one?


We're Ingrid and Lesley, founders of The Declutter Hub.

We love helping our members navigate the emotional and practical challenges of clearing clutter.

We live, eat and breathe decluttering. In our eyes, the less clutter there is in people's homes, the better.

That's why we created our membership and are so proud of the achievements our members make every single day. It's life changing - seriously!

We adore our members and think they are the best there is (OK maybe we are biased). There's a huge sense of camaraderie, encouragement and support in our membership community - none of that judgement, embarrassment and shame you might have been party to in the past.

One of the things we hear all the time is that it feels like decluttering with friends - and that's got to be a good thing, right? And it's fun too - yes really! We like to laugh. Not AT you obviously. We like to laugh with each other and with our members. We want decluttering to be a pleasure, because when you enjoy it, you'll keep on doing it.

So if you're looking for a kind, caring, encouraging, fun community of clutter-busters to join, to help you strip back the things you don't need, so you can more fully use, love and appreciate the things you do need - then we are just the thing you're looking for.

Ingrid and Lesley x


It's closer than you think

Before - a dumping ground

After - a useable, inviting guest room

As a Declutter Hub member...

  • You'll work consistently on your decluttering - little and often
  • You'll learn how to incorporate household resets and routines into your every day life
  • You'll understand which emotions that have been holding you back from success in the past
  • You'll stop adding to your clutter, enjoy living with less and fall back in love with your home
  • Decluttering will become your new favourite pastime!

The inspiration that Ingrid and Lesley give us - their obvious "love" of their work, their fun together and their commitment to us. I love the Success Sessions and the "parallel" working with others.

It's time to change the way you THINK

Welcome to our Reset Your Home System

Thought by Thought

Here's a secret. It's never just about the STUFF. It's about the emotions and habits that hold you back. Identifying your emotional connection to your stuff is the life changing part of our system.

Room by Room

There are alot of rooms in a house. So how do you choose where to start? We have you covered. We do the thinking so you don't have to and take you one room at a time towards your clutter free home.

Day by Day

Chores and tasks are what keep our decluttered spaces intact. But it's hard to keep that momentum up. We'll show you an easy way to tackle your home day by day so it becomes second nature.

Join - NOW! It’s a game-changer. Read all the books (Marie Kondo & the rest), but no positive results worth reporting. The Declutterhub is extraordinary value.


Change the way you declutter your home in our Membership

Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes

Take a proper look Behind the Scenes

Watch our Behind the Scenes video where you can see how all the parts of our membership fit together



Reset your Home Roadmap, Course Library and Quick Wins

  • Self study lessons on preparation, goals, emotions, habits, decluttering questions, categorising, organising and storage. If it's related to clutter, we have you covered!
  • Work at your own pace
    The Roadmap lets you declutter when YOU want to.  Whether you have 5 minus or 5 hours, the Roadmap is designed to inch you forwards.
  • Take away the stress of not knowing where to start
    We've done the thinking so you don't have to 
  • Prefer to design your own pathway?
    No problem - you can dip in and out of our library of 30 courses and 60 quick wins. 


Q&As, Success Sessions and Challenges

  • Fortnightly Q&As
    Every home, person and emotion is different so you can ask about things relating to YOU.
  • Success Sessions
    Every week we will work together on Zoom to get your decluttering done!
  • Member Only Challenges
    We host regular challenges to keep you motivated and engaged.


Hub Huddles, Community Forum and Accountability Threads

  • Hub Huddles
    We host regular Hub Huddles with Breakout rooms, award ceremonies and other ways to meet fellow members.
  • Member Forum
    A private member forum open 24/7 to share your wins, feel inspired and stay connected.
  • Accountability Threads
    Our monthly accountability thread help keep you on track - what do you want to achieve and why?

It's nice to talk to a human

We know that embarking on your decluttering journey might seem like a big leap so let us put your mind at rest on a Discovery Call with us. A free 15 minute no obligation chat with one of us where we explain how we can help and show you behind the scenes.

My home has a lot less clutter, and I feel confident I will be successful on my mission to declutter whole house, with ongoing support. I'm more optimistic and less stressed, especially seeing our progress. I don't give up so easily on projects to declutter.

Not sure whether the Declutter Hub Membership is for you?

We want you to feel completely at home and supported on your quest for a clutter free, organised home so it's really important we are the right people to help you so we can get your journey off to the best start!

The Declutter Hub is perfect if you ...

  • Want advice and expertise in a supportive environment  
  • Want to invest time and energy into improving your home
  • Know that a decluttering journey is a marathon not a sprint
  • Want to change your mindset and attitude to clutter
  • Want to be lead and guided on your journey

You may struggle with us if you... 

  • Want a quick fix to your clutter issues
  • Don't have time to invest in your home
  • Want a guarantee of an instagram worthy perfect home 
  • Are not committed to change 
  • Don't take advantage of the different support available

Let's talk!

We know that embarking on your decluttering journey might seem like a big leap so let us put your mind at rest on a Discovery Call with us. A free 15 minute no obligation chat with one of us where we explain how we can help and show you behind the scenes.

What makes The Declutter Hub so successfuL?


You get direct access to Ingrid and Lesley - two of the UK's leading decluttering experts. With 20 years experience and 1000s of projects under our belts, we LOVE what we do and want to share it!


Realism is our thing. We will cut to the chase and be honest with what works and what doesn't. We are known for being straight talking and intuitive!


It will be FUN! Decluttering makes you laugh, cry and everything in between but our goal is for everyone to have a positive experience in a supportive environment.


You'll be amongst friends - we all need a boost when things get tough and our community will be there to support you every step of the way.

It's time to get your house sorted and clutter free once and for all!

We have members worldwide so our pricing is in dollars but will convert to your local currency when you checkout. You can use this currency converter to check.

pay monthly

Full access to everything, take things at your pace and pay one month at a time.








  • Step by Step Courses
  • Quick Wins and Challenges
  • The Reset Your Home Roadmap
  • Live Q&As
  • Weekly Success Sessions
  • Private Forum
pay quarterly

Make your clutter free goals a reality with a 3 month commitment.








  • Step by Step Courses
  • Quick Wins and Challenges
  • The Reset Your Home Roadmap
  • Live Q&As
  • Weekly Success Sessions
  • Private Forum
pay anNually

Change your home, your mindset and make a serious saving. 








  • Step by Step Courses
  • Quick Wins and Challenges
  • The Reset Your Home Roadmap
  • Live Q&As
  • Weekly Success Sessions
  • Private Forum


20% Discount already applied

30 Day

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you join us, we hope you are going to love The Declutter Hub Membership but if you don't feel you are getting value from us within the next 30 days, let us know and we will send you a refund straightaway. You are fully covered by our 30 day money back guarantee.

But we are pretty certain you won't once you get the decluttering bug!

Ingrid and Lesley

Frequently Asked Questions

My house is so messy, I don't think anyone can help me.

Do I get one-to-one help and support for my decluttering?

I'm not sure I am ready to declutter. I keep putting it off.

I really struggle to get motivated to declutter on my own. How will this change?

I struggle to concentrate for hours on end so I'm not sure I'd manage a full course.

How does the Roadmap benefit me?

I always like to have something paper based to keep me on track.

I have kids so would struggle to watch the Q and As at specific times.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Do I have to log in to the forum every day?

Is there a difference between monthly, quarterly and annual membership?

How do the live Q&As work?

I see your prices are in US dollars or pounds but I'm not in US or UK. How does that work?

I'm so embarrassed about my clutter, I wouldn't want to go public.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership if I buy a monthly or quarterly membership first?

How are you able to keep me motivated? I've read so many decluttering books but still struggle.

I don't need to declutter. I just struggle to get organised.

I might struggle to keep doing big decluttering projects.

I'm not in the UK. Is that going to be a problem?

What if I join and it's not for me?

Deborah, USA

The Roadmap gave me structure in contrast to the haphazard approach before

I had already started decluttering my house before I joined the Declutter Hub, so I wasn't sure how much value I would get from the membership. As it turns out, the membership has exceeded all my expectations. The Roadmap gave me a structure in which to approach decluttering, in contrast to the haphazard approach I had used before.

As I listened to each topic, I decluttered and organized the corresponding items in my house. There were items that I hadn't even thought of, such as light bulbs and carrier bags. The website is well-organized, so if you are looking for a particular topic (electronics cords? makeup?) it's easy to find that course. There also are courses to streamline recurring tasks such as grocery shopping and cleaning.

And I adore the live Q&A's, where Lesley and Ingrid answer questions that members have sent in. I feel like I am hanging out with two friends (who just happen to be experts on decluttering)! I sent in a question when I was struggling with giving away a set of heirloom dishes that I never use and didn't anticipate my children wanting. Lesley came up with the insight that I was probably looking for "permission" to give them away and that if I wanted to do so, that was okay. I had never thought of it that way, but she was absolutely right.

Lesley and Ingrid are continually updating and improving the materials. I have been part of the membership for 1.5 years now, and there continues to be new content of value.

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