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We have over 20 years experience in the decluttering, organising and housekeeping world between us and we want to bring that expertise straight to you. If you're sick to the back teeth of clutter dictating your home life then we are here to help you get control back and spend your valuable time doing the things you want and not shuffling piles of stuff around 24/7.

We love the fact that we have been decluttering and organising homes in the UK for years and have helped more than a thousand happy clients to regain the home of their dreams. We have a passion for people, practicality, and piles of paper and love nothing better than to carve out solutions for anyone overwhelmed with clutter. If that's you, you're in the right place.

Now we want to share our passion and expertise far and wide so we are delving into the online world. While we've pretty much seen it all in the decluttering world, technology is a whole different ballgame so we are delighted you are along for the ride. Let's tackle your clutter together!

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Lesley Spellman

I'm Lesley Spellman, a Lancashire lass living in Manchester with my husband and three almost grown up kids who keep my feet firmly on the ground! I have run my business The Clutter Fairy with my lovely team for over 10 years and I was a Board member of APDO (The Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers) alongside Ingrid and the rest of the Board in several guises for over 5 years.

I'm the more impulsive one of the two of us. I like to jump in and see how we get on - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I love to get things done and am a firm believer in learning from your mistakes and always trying to edge forwards in life.

When I'm not working, I love my holidays (especially the planning!), drink mostly too much wine, sing and bop along at Rockchoir, have the best time with my family and friends, run (slowly, badly and not very far) and love to talk. I also moan (alot) if I have to walk too far in heels.

Ingrid Jansen

I’m Ingrid Jansen, a cheese, cycling and pancake loving Dutch mum of 2 pre- teens. I moved to London via Dublin with my husband and kids 10 years ago and I absolutely love it here!

10 years ago I set up my business, Organise Your House, and started to use my skills as a Professional Organiser but according to my friends and family I always showed organised tendencies even at a young age. Most of my organising skills I owe to my mum.

I was the President of APDO for over 4 years and in that time, along with my fantastic Board, I was able to take the Association from strength to strength. I am really proud of what we achieved in that time and continue to train and mentor Professional Organisers all around the UK alongside Lesley.

I'm the list maker of the two of us. Who doesn't love a good list?!  

I talk to everyone all the time and like most Dutch people I'm very no-nonsense and direct. I even manage to boss Lesley around sometimes which is no mean feat! I love my camera and take photographs of just about everything and everybody. Like Lesley, I'm a member of Rockchoir although I'm the better singer (so she tells me!)

A bit more about us...

Lesley and Ingrid in Rockchoir T shirts

Terry rocks!

Lesley has her own 6 foot Terracotta Warrior in her garden imported all the way from China - we like to call him Terry - don't ask!

Ingrid on a bike

The lady on the bike

True to her Dutch heritage, Ingrid can be seen all over South East London riding her bike hence her nickname, the lady on the bike!

Pop band

Star struck

Lesley would love to be the 5th member of Little Mix but I just have a sneaky suspicion that the call isn't coming any time soon.

Glasses of wine

Wine o'clock

Don't want to give the wrong impression but let's just say Sauvignon Blanc forms a healthy part of our business development

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Have you got questions?

We'll try to answer them...

I have failed so many times trying to declutter, why is this time going to be different?

It's going to be different because we are different. We have so much experience of lots of types of clutter, houses, people, goals and psychology that we are going to bring real experiences and absolute honesty to your journey.

I think the only way forward for me is to have someone come in to help me sort my clutter and organise my home

Getting a Professional Organiser to help is absolutely some of the best money you'll ever spend if you feel overwhelmed, but not everyone is able to do that for lots of different reasons - finance, location, family and so many more. We are aiming to overcome those obstacles with you.

I think I might be a hoarder - is this site for me?

If you are committed to a change and follow the advice given, there's no reason why anyone can't take positive steps on their decluttering journey. It may just take a little more time and determination!

I'm embarrassed to go public with my clutter on the Facebook group.

People have lots of different ways of being inspired in an online community. Some people are happy to just watch and learn and others like to be actively involved. Clutter problems come in all different shapes and sizes and no one problem is any more important than the next. One thing is certain though - a problem shared is a problem halved!

I'd love to join your Members' Area but I'm not very techie. Is that going to be a problem?

We try our best to keep everything simple and so there is no technical knowledge needed at all - OK maybe you need to click links and press enter but is as simple as that!

Can you guarantee success for me if I become a member?

We are going to do everything we can and use every strategy we have up our sleeves with each and everyone of you. We will be with you online right through your journeys with motivation, support, encouragement and a friendly face but the success of your journey ultimately lies with you. 

Energy, humour and a down-to-earth approach...

"Ingrid and Lesley are both super-organised and passionate about helping others to declutter and get organised too. We’ve worked together for many years as trainers and mentors, running courses for professional organisers which consistently receive excellent feedback. Their energy, humour and down-to-earth approach is always inspiring. So if you’re looking for practical guidance to develop your organising skills, I can’t recommend them more highly."

Juliet Landau-Pope, JLP Coach  //  Author of Being More Productive and Clearing Your Clutter

So much more than a declutterer...

"Lesley has worked on so many different aspects of organisation in my home and my business - from my wardrobe to my garage, from my paperwork to my photo collection. To me she is a problem solver, a coach, and a friend and is always coming up with different ways to get my home and my head in order. Her advice has always been invaluable and she really is an asset to my family and my business. I'm not letting her go any time soon!"

Pat Price //  Clutter Fairy client

Discreet, skilled and focused...

"Ingrid is an organisational whizz, who is an expert declutterer and organiser.  Thanks to her everything in our home now has a place - and the structures she's put in place are time-saving and easy to maintain. She has a discreet, skilled and focussed attitude.

Ingrid has turned something I dreaded doing into a lot of fun - and has saved us hours in the process. Gone are the days of wondering where things are, our home feels more under control than it has for years! I would recommend Ingrid without reservation."

Emma Smillie  //  Organise Your House Client

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