Our Standalone Courses

Are sentimental items your downfall when it comes to decluttering? Do you have a real stumbling block when it comes to cards, letters, kids' artwork, things you have inherited, clothes from your teens etc etc. Well, our Sorting Out Sentimental Course will help you focus on quality not quantity and allow your special things to bring joy rather than stress.

If you want to tackle your whole house, we recommend you do that methodically, efficiently and effectively. One week at a time, one room at a time is perfect if you have some extra time on your hands right now. Video tutorials, live Q&As and access to our forum are all there to keep you on track. 



If your wardrobe is unruly and you need to take action, our 6 step wardrobe course will be a brilliant option for you. Workbooks, videos, checklists and access to dedicated areas in our forum. Let's get this wardrobe under control together!

If you want to check that our Courses are the right way forward for you, why not take advantage of a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call today?