Our Courses

Decluttering your whole house?

8 Week Declutter Bootcamp

If you are on a decluttering deadline

One week, one room at a time is perfect if you have a deadline. Video tutorials and access to our dedicated online forum are all there to keep you on track.

Decluttering one PROJECT at a time?

Sorting out Sentimental

If you can't say goodbye to memories

Are sentimental items your downfall when it comes to decluttering? Well, our SOS Course will help you focus on quality not quantity and allow your special things to bring joy rather than stress.

Countdown to Christmas

Your countdown to a stress free Christmas

If you're ready for a festive season that is both fun and organised then you're going to love our course. Counting you down week by week to the big day.

6 Step Wardrobe Course

If clothes are your guilty pleasure

If you're ready to take control of an unruly wardrobe, our 6 step wardrobe course is just the thing. Workbooks, videos, checklists and access to dedicated areas in our forum.

Routines and paperwork getting you down?

Project Paperwork

If your paperwork is out of control

If you're ready to take control of your paperwork, Project Paperwork is just the thing for you. 3 modules covering the Core Principles, the Deep Dives and the Filing System.

Resets and Routines

If your to do list is out of control

To get on top of your home day by day, our Resets and Routines programme is what you need. 3 modules covering Daily, Weekly and Seasonal Resets and Routines.

chat the options through with US

Too many options to decide from?

If you are struggling to work out which of our decluttering options is for you, hop on a free 15 minute Discovery Call and we can help you decide by chatting things through.