Is it time to Power Up your Decluttering?

Book a one-to-one session with Ingrid or Lesley and make your decluttering goals a reality. Just a one hour chat could eradicate weeks or months of uncertainty, overwhelm and procrastination.

  • Take the uncertainty away about how to start and tackle a project
  • Work out what's been holding you back emotionally or practically
  • Figure out a sensible storage plan for awkward spaces
  • Create an achievable decluttering action plan together
  • Let us help you plan for an upcoming move or renovation

How does the Declutter Power Up work?

  • Pay for the session on the button below via Paypal or Credit Card.
  • You will receive an email confirmation within 10 minutes with instructions on how to book a time and date.
  • We will be sure to find a time that works within your time zone and can be flexible.
  • The email will also have instructions all about Zoom, a free video calling software that we will use.
  • Email us back to let us know your preferences.
  • We will be in contact within 24 hours to confirm all the arrangements.
  • The call will take place and your decluttering will be POWERED UP!

Please click the button below to book a call

Once you have made payment you will receive emails from us with all the details.

Make your decluttering goals a reality with a Power Up Call


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Declutter Power Up a good investment?

We have been helping clients, members and fellow professional organisers on one-to-on calls for almost 8 years so we are committed to making sure you will get great value for your investment. Sometimes, all it takes is someone who truly understands to chat to you and give you the confidence and motivation to spur you into action. People we have helped in the past have said just one hour of investment led to more progress than they had had in the previous decade.

How much does a Power Up cost?

A Power Up costs $249 for an hour and the call will be done online. We price in US dollars but anyone from anywhere in the world can book a call. If you'd like to know what that is in your local currency, you can check the exchange rate here.

I've never used Zoom before - is that going to be a problem?

We do the calls over Zoom because it means it's more personal and you can take us on a little tour of the areas that are bothering you the most. We will send details of how to install Zoom in an email if you don't have it already. A phone works well if you'd like to do a tour of your home with us or you can install Zoom onto your desktop or laptop too. And the best thing is that Zoom is completely free for you.

Can I choose whether Ingrid or Lesley will be on the call?

Of course, if you have a preference, please do let us know.

I would prefer not to use video calling

That's no problem too, we can always just do an audio call. Video calling is particularly useful if you want to show us a room in your home.

How will we arrange the best time?

We can liaise via email and work out a time that suits both of us. We can factor in kids, timezones, work and all the tricky things!

Can I book you to work at my house with me?

If you are in South East London, one of Ingrid's team can help at Organise Your House. If you are in North West England, one of Lesley's team can help at The Clutter Fairy. Check out our websites for more information.