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Decluttering your whole house?


Monthly Membership

Take your journey month by month

Ready to get your decluttering journey kickstarted? Access to our Roadmap, live Q&A sessions, a friendly forum, Quick Wins, challenges and step by step courses, all done on a month by month basis.

Desk intray

Annual Membership

Our most popular option by a mile!

If you are on a mission to declutter your home and want to change your mindset, your habits and your home for good, an annual membership option is perfect for you.

velvet hangers

8 Week Declutter Bootcamp

If you are on a decluttering deadline

One week, one room at a time is perfect if you have a deadline. Video tutorials and access to our dedicated online forum are all there to keep you on track.

Decluttering one room at a time?

wooden hangers

Sorting out Sentimental

If you can't say goodbye to memories

Are sentimental items your downfall when it comes to decluttering? Well, our SOS Course will help you focus on quality not quantity and allow your special things to bring joy rather than stress.

 Countdown to Christmas

Your countdown to a stress free Christmas

If you're ready for a festive season that is both fun and organised then you're going to love our course. Counting you down week by week to the big day.

6 Step Wardrobe Course

If clothes are your guilty pleasure 

If you're ready to take control of an unruly wardrobe, our 6 step wardrobe course is just the thing. Workbooks, videos, checklists and access to dedicated areas in our forum.

Routines and paperwork getting you down?

 Project Paperwork

If your paperwork is out of control

If you're ready to take control of your paperwork, Project Paperwork is just the thing for you. 3 modules covering the Core Principles, the Deep Dives and the Filing System.

 Resets and Routines

If your to do list is out of control

To get on top of your home day by day, our Resets and Routines programme is what you need. 3 modules covering Daily, Weekly and Seasonal Resets and Routines.

Want to chat through the options?

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Discovery Call

Too many options to decide from?

If you are struggling to work out which of our decluttering options is for you, hop on a free 15 minute Discovery Call and we can help you decide by chatting things through.

Need some personal support?

Really useful box

One-to-One Coaching

Need personal input on your project?

Let us help you. 12 years and thousands of decluttering projects under our belt, we can help you formulate an action plan, avoid costly mistakes and be motivated to finish.

Really useful box

Work with Organise Your House

Are you in South East London?

Call in Ingrid's Organise Your House Team to help you with your project. Maybe you would struggle on your own and would rather make an investment into a personal, professional service.

Really useful box

Work with The Clutter Fairy

Are you in North West England?

Call in Lesley's Clutter Fairy Team to help you personally in your home. Decide whether having a Professional to help in your home is what will move your project forwards.

Rattan box

PO Power Hour

Are you a Professional Organiser?

If you want to be a PO or are struggling to get your business off the ground, why not learn from the experts. We've been happily mentoring and training POs for years.

Want to dive in to our free resources?

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Watch our Free Webinar

Unlocking the 3 key ingredients for success

If you are struggling to get started, watch our free 45 minute webinar to learn what key ingredients you need to ensure you stay on track and keep motivated. Available anytime.

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Don't miss our Free Challenges 

Join the waiting list today

From time to time, we run free decluttering challenges or masterclasses. We'd love you to join us for our next one. Sign up here for our waiting list and we will make sure you don't miss out.

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Listen to our Weekly Podcast 

New episode every Friday

Our weekly podcast is a firm favourite. You can listen on our website, in your preferred podcast player or watch on YouTube. With almost half a million downloads, it's one not to miss.

Products we love to help you get organised

wooden hangers

Wooden hangers

A fantastic option if you have space

Much as we love our velvet hangers, sometimes only a wooden hanger will do. Perfect for jackets, coats and suits, and when you have space, these are our favourites.

velvet hangers

Velvet hangers

A wardrobe game changer

These streamline velvet hangers are a game changer. They save space, they look good and your clothes don't slip off annoyingly. If you are on a budget, swap to velvet gradually. So worth it!

Label Maker

Our favourite label maker

We love a label at The Declutter Hub and are always asked which one we use. This is our favourite label maker for price, ease of use and a nice looking, professional label.



A must have for any paperwork system

Visibility and accessibility is what L Folders are all about. They open on two sides so papers slip in nice and easily. No more wrestling with Poly Pockets! We LOVE them.

Desk intray

Desk Intray

A must have in any organised home

If you are going to stay in control you are going to need an intray. Keep it simple, not too many sections so you aren't tempted to keep hold of too much paper.

plastic folders

Plastic Folders

You just need these in your life

Far superior in usability and durability to a Manila folder, we use these in Filing systems, memory boxes and for day to day project management. Colour coding helps too.

Really useful box

Really Useful Box

The best boxes on the market

The Really Useful Box Company sell a huge range of boxes that are some of the best on the market. Strong, durable, with well fitting lids that stand the test of time. This is our all round most used size.

Rattan box

Large Rattan Box

Such a versatile storage solution

Brilliant for bathrooms, stationery and pretty enough to be used in bedrooms and living spaces. Nice upright sides to maximise space too! This is the larger size.

Chopping board rack

Tray/Chopping Board Rack

A kitchen storage solution worth having

Stop baking trays and chopping boards falling over each time you close the cupboard door. Visibility and accessibility are key and this simple solution means it's in reach.

ID roller

Identification Roller Stamp

Safeguard your identity

If you are nervous about safeguarding your identity but not so keen on shredding, these Identification Roller Stamps are the perfect solution. Ingrid never goes to a client without one!

ID roller

The Power of Talking

Stories from the Therapy Room

In his latest book, Stelios invites you into the psychotherapeutic world to discover the process of psychotherapy, the role of the therapist, and the psychological defences we all employ.

ID roller

Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Keep your tree in top condition

Christmas tree bags protects Christmas trees so they are shielded from damages, dust, moisture, and pests so it’s always ready to show off.

Power Shredder

Crosscut Power Shredder

A good quality shredder

If you are going to shred paperwork at home, you are going to want to invest in a decent shredder. It will save you time and money in the long run to invest rather than go for cheaper versions.

battery tester

Battery Tester

Don't throw out good batteries

The battery tester has the ability to test almost any battery, saving you the hassle of trying to eliminate  which don't work by putting them into items to try them.

Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff

Matt Paxton's book

Matt Paxton, guest in podcast 176, explains how to declutter, downsize and move forward with your life. 

food waste caddy

The Discovery of Less

Chris Lovett's new book

Chris Lovett, guest in Podcast 155, has a book where he explains How her found everything he wanted under everything he owned. It's a great read!

battery tester

Bauble Storage Bag

Don't let your baubles become damaged!

Sturdy design making it handy to store baubles are year round to prevent damage. The carry handles mean it is easy to move around your home, speeding up the decorating process.

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