Episode 49 – Why is it so difficult to achieve a clutter free home?

Overwhelmed man crying and managing emotions

In this podcast we go back to basics to discuss guilt, embarrassment, overwhelm, retail therapy, overbuying and some of the key health issues that can impact our ability to declutter. We introduce our Members' Area and explain how we feel it can help.

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Show Summary

  • How overwhelm is the most prevalent emotion we see when decluttering
  • Guilt is one of the most overpowering decluttering emotions 
  • Embarrassment sometimes leads to isolation 
  • Overbuying is a habit that leads to clutter and starts a vicious cycle
  • Retail therapy is a powerful emotion to overcome when decluttering. 
  • Anxiety and depression can impact hugely on your appetite for decluttering
  • Other physical and mental health issues have an impact too. 

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