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We motivate and support people who are overwhelmed with clutter

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Hi, we are Lesley and Ingrid and are delighted to see you!

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We have over 20 years experience in the decluttering, organising and housekeeping world between us and we are the best of friends too!

We have been decluttering and organising homes in the UK for years and have helped more than a thousand happy clients between us to regain the home of their dreams. We have a passion for people, practicality, and piles of paper and love nothing better than to carve out solutions for anyone overwhelmed with clutter.

Now we want to share our passion and expertise far and wide so we are delving into the online world. While we've pretty much seen it all in the decluttering world, technology is a whole different ballgame so we are delighted you are along for the ride. Let's do this together!

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Their warmth, generosity and energy is endless and contagious...

I recently met Lesley and Ingrid at a Professional Organisers' Conference in London when I came from the United States to present.  I was immediately drawn to their professionalism, knowledge of the industry and ability to teach others. Their warmth, generosity and energy is endless and contagious. You couldn’t be in better hands!

Leslie Josel  //  Principal, Order Out of Chaos // Recipient of the 2018 NAPO Founder's Award

Picture of Debbie Yap wearing red top

Warm but no-nonsense and direct...

When I moved from a flat to a house, I didn’t realise I had accumulated so much stuff. We had a storage unit to “store” the overflow! I didn’t know where to start as there was stuff and unpacked boxes everywhere. Then I found Ingrid and she saved me! Ingrid helped me declutter, get organised and set up systems that I still use today. We have organised every room in my home; from the kids' bedroom, to the loft, to the garden shed, my filing system and kitchen. Ingrid's warm but no-nonsense and direct approach definitely worked for me and I needed it. I trust her advice implicitly.

Debbie Yap  //  Organise Your House client

Picture of Debbie Yap wearing red top

It's not rocket science...but it may as well have been!

I was at a turning point in my life with lots of decisions to make when I first called on Lesley to help. My house and everything in it had slipped down on my list of priorities, so much so that I just didn't know where to start to regain control. Cue Lesley with her fresh pair of eyes, practical ideas and friendly manner. Now I understand the principles of an organised home and stick to them as best as I can. Who knew decluttering really can change your life?!

Debbie Leonard  //  Clutter Fairy client