Episode 4 – Why Do I Feel Guilty About Clutter?

Woman feeling guilty about clutter

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Why do I feel so guilty about clutter?

Both Lesley and Ingrid have worked in hundreds of homes, where people often feel guilty about clutter, and this plays a big part in holding people back from success in decluttering their homes. In this podcast we discuss the reasons why people hold onto things and what they can do to shift the feeling of guilt.

The things we discuss in this episode

  • Your home looks messy compared to your friends' homes 

  • You've wasted money on things that were expensive and you don’t need

  • You struggle to let go of gifts and presents from other people

  • You find it hard to let go of things from people you have lost

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It’s important to realise you can’t hold on to so much stuff from other people that it prevents you from moving forward in your own life. Declutter some of the guilt that is holding you back, so you feel happy and comfortable in your own home and begin to feel less guilty about clutter.

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Here's an article that will give you more info on guilt and will tie in to what we spoke about in the podcast.I feel so guilty about my clutter

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