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Episode 4 – Why Do I Feel Guilty About Clutter?

Both Lesley and Ingrid have worked in hundreds of homes, where people often feel guilty about clutter, and this plays a big part in holding people back from success in decluttering their homes. In this podcast we discuss the reasons why people hold onto things and what they can do to shift the feeling of guilt.

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Amassing clutter brings with it a huge range of emotions but the main one we come across time and time again is the guilt.

Guilty because your family are living in chaos, guilty because your friends have busy lives too and they have tidy homes, guilty because that bank statement is proof of how much money has been wasted on retail therapy, guilty because your home is full of gifts you have been given that you will never use, and on and on. The guilt can be overwhelming.

But how can we stop this feeling of overwhelm?

But overcoming that guilt can be tough. There are emotions and doubts standing in your way.

Why am I so bad at keeping my house in order when everyone else manages so well?

I spent so much money on it. It seems so wasteful to just get rid of it?

If I give it to my sister or my friend it will make me feel so much better

What if I do all this decluttering and then I go back to square one?

What if the person who gave it to me finds out I threw it away? They'll think I'm so ungrateful.

What if I throw it away then find out I need it one day?

Draw a line and move forward in your journey. Don't let guilt hold you back.

Whilst it is important to understand the psychology that has led you to hold on and amass clutter, the vital part of the decluttering process is drawing a line under things and moving forward with the determination and drive to make your home and life a better place to be.

Once you make the decision to start your declutter that day is a day to be celebrated and a process which, however difficult initially, ultimately will be enjoyed.

The amount you spent on the item, the lack of use so far, the fact that someone special gave it to you is less important than your own ability to take control of your life going forwards.  You have control of what stays and what goes. The important thing is to learn to let go of the items holding you back from your decluttering goals.

Once you learn to let go of the emotions and gain more clarity in terms of what items truly deserve a space in your home, then you can learn to love your home and live in an organised and peaceful space.

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