Episode 135 – Why digital clutter needs to be tackled too

Podcast 190 – When does a collection become clutter
Podcast 189 – What’s a photo without the story with Guest Hazel Thornton

In today’s episode, Lesley and Ingrid are talking about why digital clutter needs to be tackled too.

Digital clutter includes all sorts of things: emails, files, photos, apps, documents, keeping shows on netflix, amazon wishlists, shows on skybox, too many passwords, logins, contacts on your phone, whatsapp groups and messages, fb groups, fb friends and linked in connections, notes, screenshots on desktop, downloads folder, spam and junk folders etc.etc.

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Show Summary

  • We discuss the typical behaviour found with digital clutter
  • We advise you why it is bad to keep all of this digital clutter 
  • We explain that it is a big job to do - bigger than you would expect!

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