Episode 108 – Guest Amy Payne talks about Overcoming information overwhelm

Amy Payne smiling

In this episode, Ingrid talks to US based Professional Organiser, Amy Payne, about digital organising. Amy is passionate about utilising technology to help business professionals maximise their time and resources at work!

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Show Summary

  • Ingrid chats to Amy Payne all about overcoming information overwhelm and using your smartphone to maximise your time instead of allowing it to distract you.
  • They discuss storing information from paper, email and other sources in the right places.
  • They share various apps that you can use to your advantage and how reducing notifications can have a big impact.
  • They explore cutting off the source of the excess digital information by unsubscribing, throwing junk away immediately and reducing the amount of time spent on your phone.

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  • Roo says:

    Me- I enjoyed the podcast and got Evernote… to my surprise my husband uses it all the time. After the live Countdown to Christmas session yesterday we sat and created a Christmas list to share with each other!! I’m learning how to use it 👍🏻😊

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