Episode 48 – Taking control of your email

In this podcast, Lesley and Ingrid talk about how overwhelming email can be, how to take back control, manage it and organise it. Managing your email is an increasing part of our daily lives. They come into our inbox in droves and before we know it we have that little notification number staring at us with thousands of unread emails. We talk about how to clear the backlog, how to ensure you manage your email effectively and how to organise your emails efficiently.

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Show Summary

  • How many is too many? When do we become overwhelmed? 
  • Unsubscribing is the first step when managing your email. 
  • An effective way to bulk delete.
  • How to ensure you only have to delete an email once.
  • Using your inbox as a to do list works for us. 
  • Getting your digital system and your paper based system aligned.
  • Using folders to organise your archives is essential when managing your email. 

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