Episode 128 – Decluttering Technology

In today's episode we are speaking about decluttering technology. Everybody seems to have drawers full of wires, laptops, mobile phones, USB sticks and even cases.

In this weeks podcast we are talking about decluttering technology - something everyone has heaps of!

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Show summary

  • We explain why you shouldn't leave technology languishing in a cupboard because the tech will be obsolete.
  • If you no longer want a piece of tech decide what needs to be done or happen to the old one when you buy new.
  • We discuss what you need to do with old technology before getting rid of it and where it can go 
  • We dive into the thought process of keeping old technology boxes and what to do with them
  • We talk about how to organise your tech, such as labeling wires so you know what belongs with what

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