The Clutter Quiz: Are you a Warm Weeper, a Kind Keeper, a Nostalgic Kneedeeper or a Happy Heaper?

If clutter is a constant problem for you, discover which clutter personality you are with our quiz and find out how it's holding you back from having the clutter-free organised home you dream of.

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Getting to the crux of YOUR clutter problem has never been easier!

"I had always thought clutter was just clutter. Once I knew the type of clutter personality I had, it all made complete sense. I created an action plan to get started properly. It's made such a difference and now I love coming home."

Happy Heaper

Texas, US

Hello there

We're Ingrid and Lesley, 2 Professional Organisers and Declutterers and we think we have the best job in the world.

Why? Because we all deserve to live in a calm environment and we play a part in making that happen every single day.

One thing that we know for sure after working in homes and with people overwhelmed by clutter is that it's never about the stuff.

Before you can even start to declutter, you need to understand what it is about you that's been holding you back.

That's where this little quiz comes in. It's time to delve in and find out what clutter personality you are.

The proudest moments of our professional organising journey so far...

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What are you waiting for?

Find out what clutter personality you are and take your first steps to a permanent change in your home and your mindset.