Episode 17 – Save money with organised paperwork

Save money

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Save money with organised paperwork. In this podcast Lesley and Ingrid chat about the ways to save money when you organise your paperwork. 

Decluttering and organising your paperwork is a massive job and we realise that. One of the great benefits though is that you can start saving yourself a heap of money. In today’s episode we will be discussing some of the things you can look into and get more organised with your money.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • 1
    Checking your bank account and credit card statements for incoming and outgoings 
  • 2
    Checking your banking benefits and see if they include travel insurance, breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance
  • 3
    Not just renewing your car/pet/home insurance but look at a price comparison website
  • 4
    It pays to shop around for you gas and electricity bill and save money
  • 5
    Martin Lewis Money Expert has lot of ideas about saving money.
  • 6
    Checking if you're in the right council tax band
  • 7
    Shopping around and comparing your mobile phone and broadband provider.
  • 8
    If your mobile phone contract is about to expire to look at other options
  • 9
    Have you found any old gift cards/vouchers/old cheques? Check the expiry date and see if you can still claim or use them.

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