Episode 15 – How long do you need to keep paperwork

How long do you need to keep paperwork in your filing system? In this episode Lesley and Ingrid discuss the different categories of paperwork and for how long we should keep them.

One of the most asked questions we get asked is how long do you need to keep paperwork? People are reluctant to shred or recycle documents because they think they might need it someday. There is no right or wrong way as long as it's all organised and you can find it when you need it.

In this episode we discuss:

  • 1
    Every person is different and it depends on your own comfort zone and situation how long you want to keep paperwork
  • 2
    Important documents; passports, birth certificates, wills and marriage certificates
  • 3
    Bank and credit card statements can be received paperless 
  • 4
    Utility paperwork and council tax paperwork
  • 5
    Mortgage paperwork and rental agreements
  • 6
    Insurances; home, travel, pet and car
  • 7
     Car; MOT, buying/leasing, maintenance, service and change of owner
  • 8
    Children's finances; bank accounts, bonds
  • 9
    School documentations; reports and certificates
  • 10
    Medical paperwork; appointment letters, results and scans
  • 11
    Investment, shares and pension paperwork
  • 12
    HMRC, payslips, P45 and P60 paperwork
  • 13
    Professional development, degree and courses
  • 14
    Employment information; appraisals, letters and contracts

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