Episode 143 – Safeguarding your personal details

pile of paperwork
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In this episode, we are chatting about how to protect and safeguard your personal details and sensitive data. It can be quite tough when every envelope, parcel and letter often has our details on. We suggest the ways that we go about protecting your details such as using an ID roller, power shredder or outsourcing shredding to a local company.

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Show Summary

  • You need to decide what information is important to you to disguise. Some information such as name, address and phone number can be found easily online anyway, but financial information definitely needs to be protected.
  • You need to decide how you plan to protect it. ID rollers can be a good option for parcel labels, whilst power shredders or outsourcing shredding are ideal when you have a lot to get rid of.
  • We discuss various ways that might suit you, including soaking paper in the bath to remove ink or giving your shredded paperwork to an animal sanctuary.

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