Episode 91 – Decluttering course notes

decluttering course notes

Decluttering course notes from school, university, college, work, conferences and training courses is vital so we don't use valuable space in our homes for things we are unlikely to refer back to. Why do we keep it all and why do we think we will ever look back on those notes? Listen in for some inspiration on how to tackle the decluttering of all those course notes.

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Show Summary

  • When we are decluttering course notes, there are so many emotions wrapped up in the process.
  • Nostalgic memories of times gone by.
  • Worry that the information can’t be found again.
  • Pride for a project that was well executed.
  • Procrastination on unfinished projects.
  • Overwhelm about how much paper there is to work through.
  • Fear of how difficult decision making will be.
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