Episode 83 – Do I have too many notebooks?

too many notebooks

"Do I have too many notebooks?" is a question that notebook addicts all over the globe are asking themselves. You just can't resist that feeling of a brand new untouched notebook but sometimes they can take over your space and leave you with the feeling that decluttering is on the cards.

In this podcast we discuss the emotions and habits that lead us to having way too many notebooks. If you are a notebook lover, you will know exactly what we mean!

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Show Summary

  • There are so many notebook 'Collectors' around.
  • The importance of being realistic when it comes to notebooks.
  • Why shape and size matter when it comes to notebooks.
  • The benefits of gathering thoughts into fewer notebooks.
  • The importance of categorising and organising notebooks.
  • How we need to put a plan in place to start to use up notebooks.
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