Episode 36 – Decluttering and organising stationery


In this podcast, Lesley and Ingrid talk about how satisfying decluttering and organising stationary can be. We explore the stationary items in your drawer that have been around for years and why it's time to let go. 

Organising your stationery drawer is something that often gets neglected for years and we have a tendency to hang onto things thinking they will come in one day but the amount of stationery we use now in comparison to years gone by is so little so we should think about letting some go.

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Show Summary

  • What constitutes stationery and what are office supplies?
  • How notebooks are coveted by lots of people
  • People struggle to let go of envelopes from years ago
  • It's important to keep an appropriate amount of poly pockets
  • Files and folders that are broken should be thrown away as they are not fit for purpose
  • Quality is really important when buying stationery
  • Check that your calculators are still fit for purpose
  • Felt tips can be recycled - look at schemes like Terracycle and Crayola
  • What you should do with printer cartridges and computer software 
  • How to use containers you already have to when you are organising stationery 

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