Episode 35 – Decluttering your junk drawer

Draw full of junk to be decluttered

In this podcast, Lesley and Ingrid explore whether having a junk drawer is useful in a kitchen. We discuss decluttering your junk drawer, how to organise and containerise the items that stay. 

Almost everyone has the dreaded junk drawer in their home. It can be full to bursting with all different kinds of bits and bobs that don't have another home in your house or have been put in the junk drawer for 'safekeeping'.

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Show Summary

  • Whether Lesley and Ingrid have a junk drawer in their homes.
  • Is there a better name for the junk drawer - we like the idea of the 'drawer of practical things!'
  • What kinds of things are found in a junk drawer.
  • Procrastination is a key factor in why people use a junk drawer and don't put things back in their rightful place.
  • How worrying forms a big part of why we keep the sorts of things we often find in junk drawers. We worry that we are going to need it some day.
  • To avoid using a junk drawer you need a place for everything so everything can be put back in its place.
  • Sometimes the 'drawer of practical things' IS the home for things.
  • Containerisation is the key to success in organising a junk drawer.

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