Episode 28 – Take back control of your understairs cupboard

understairs cupboard

In this podcast, Lesley and Ingrid talk about how can take back control of your understairs cupboard. An understairs cupboard is like a tardis! It’s incredible what fits in there and once you start taking it all out don’t be surprised it can be quite chaotic for awhile. We discuss what kind of things we have found, what the biggest problems are and how to sort it.

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Show Summary

  • What kind of things do we find in understairs cupboard: 

    - sports equipment and swimming stuff

    - coats,shoes, umbrellas, hats, scarves

    - cleaning products, hoovers and brushes

    - light bulbs, batteries, tools, keys

    - bags for life

    - suitcases & holdalls

    - garden tools

    - memorabilia

    - stuff for the charity shop

    - paint

    - wrapping paper and gift bags

    - shoe polish

  • What are the general problems?

    - too much stuff

    - not accessible

    - not labelled

    - no light

    - no proper flooring

  • How to sort it: 

    - get everything out and be prepared for mayhem

    - categorise in different piles so you can have an overview of what you have

    - be ruthless (declutter and move elsewhere)

    - use stack-able boxes and labels

    - put a light in & add hooks and shelving if possible

    -ideally you need to be able to walk into your cupboard

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