Episode 109 – Our favourite organising products

In this episode, we are discussing the organising products we love and cannot live without. We get asked all the time by our friends, colleagues, clients and members in our VIP membership what our favourite organising products are! So Lesley and I have decided to create a list on our website with the items we go to time after time. 

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Show Summary

  • Primarily, we like to re-use what clients already have in order to be environmentally friendly, but that is not always possible 
  • We discuss our favourite bedroom storage solutions, such as velvet hangers and jewellery storage
  • We touch on the best kitchen organising products - a rack for your trays and boards
  • We talk about the home office organising products we can't live without
  • Lastly, we discuss our favourite helpful items, that can be used anywhere in the house

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  • Carol O says:

    What is a pop wallet?

    • Lelsey Spellman says:

      Hi Carol,

      I saw that some lovely person had showed you win the Facebook group so hope you are all sorted now. Thanks for listening!

  • Marion Skinner says:

    Great podcast today. I wasn’t sure what a concertina folder was but as you discussed it I thought it was an expandable folder then Ingrid said harmonica and I laughed. Good to laugh….

    Great information. I learn something from each of your podcast. Thank you.

    • Lesley says:

      Thank you Marion! Glad you are enjoying them. Concertina/harmonica/accordion – it’s all then same isn’t It – ha ha!!

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