Episode 3 – how to stop junk mail coming through your door

Junk Mail coming through letterbox

Every day we have junk mail coming through our door. How can we stop it?

The things we discuss in this episode

Day after day we have post coming through our doors and lots of it is junk mail. Since paper is such a big problem for many people, we are talking about steps you can take to prevent junk mail from coming into your home in the first place.

  • Get advice at the stop junk mail campaign
  • Buy a letterbox sticker or create your own sticker
  • Visit Royal Mail's website and download a form
  • Contact the Mail Preference Service
  • Contact the Fundraising Preference Service
  • Take yourself off the open register within the Electoral Registration
  • Return post to sender of previous occupiers

Other related things that you may find useful

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Here's an article that will give you more info on how to get rid of Junk Mail and will tie in to what we spoke about in the podcast.5 top tips for curbing your paper mountain

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