Episode 3 – How to stop junk mail coming through your door

How can we stop junk mail coming through our door every day? It's relentless and just adds to the clutter in our homes. Day after day we have post coming through our doors and lots of it is junk mail. Since paper is such a big problem for many people, we are talking about how to stop junk mail from coming into your home in the first place.

Useful Links and Resources

Show Summary

  • Get advice on how to stop junk mail in the campaign
  • Buy a letterbox sticker or create your own sticker
  • Visit Royal Mail's website and download a form
  • Contact the Mail Preference Service
  • Contact the Fundraising Preference Service
  • Return post to sender of previous occupiers
  • Take yourself off the open register within the Electoral Registration

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  • Thanks for you feedback, And. So glad it’s helpful to you. Do share our podcast with your clients too. Good luck!

  • Andie HelpMeTidy says:

    This podcast was full of great tips to stop junk mail at source. Thanks to Ingrid and Lesley, I’m now proudly displaying a ‘No Junk Mail’ Sticker on my letterbox and have sent my ‘No thank you’ form off to Royal Mail. We all like to do our bit to save waste and I will be sure to share all these tips with my clients – thanks ladies for sharing!

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