Episode 70 – Getting your to do list done

boxes and a to do list

In this podcast, we discuss getting your to-do list done. When you declutter a room, it inevitably unearths things that need to be actioned. Things we haven't seen for a while that need something doing with them. It can be hard to retain focus and get that to do list done.

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Show Summary

  • The benefits of categorising a to do list.
  • Decluttering paperwork often brings with it the most meaty to do list.
  • While decluttering it's important not to allow these actions to take you off track.
  • Things need to be gathered into a suitable place to prompt you to get your to do list done.
  • A level of honesty is needed for those things that have not been actioned for years whether they will actually ever get done.
  • An intray or folder is perfect for an action list.
  • Ticking things off when getting your to do list done is highly satisfying!
  • It's important to schedule time to run errands or action tasks.
  • If delegating or outsourcing is an option, don't be afraid to try it.

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