Episode 14 – Ten top tips to start your decluttering journey

Ten top tips to start your decluttering journey

Happy New Year from The Declutter Hub. To start 2019 with a bang, here are our top 10 tips to start your decluttering journey. You have lots of New Year's resolutions and this is going to be the year when you're going to get decluttered and organised. Fantastic! We have put our 10 top tips together so you can start your decluttering journey right!

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Show Summary

  • Have a plan; where are you going to start decluttering?
  • Do you use it, need it or love it? Use these 3 questions to help you make decisions 
  • Be realistic about your stuff; it hasn't build up overnight, so will take time to go through 
  • Choose your destination; where are your decluttered items going?
  • Get started! Declutter visible clutter first and be smart when you start
  • Colour code your binbags; stay in control of your bags
  • Get it out of the door; schedule time to drop off your items
  • Keep a vision of how you want your room to work and look like
  • Save buying storage solutions for last
  • Organise your lifestyle; being organised is not about having everything perfect

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  • Karen says:

    You both talk so much sense – bite-sized chunks of decluttering is the way that words for me – one drawer at a time!

    • Ingrid Jansen says:

      Thank you Karen for your lovely comment. Glad to hear you’re enjoying our podcast episodes.

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