Episode 20 – Guest expert Juliet Landau-Pope talks about procrastination

Juliet Landau Pope in a blue blouse

In this podcast, we welcome our guest Juliet Landau-pope, expert in procrastination and author of 'What's your excuse for not being more productive'. 

Guest interview with Juliet Landau-Pope, owner of JLP Coach, working in London. Juliet is a coach, professional organiser, study skills expert, mentor, editor and author of 2 books. We talk about overcoming your excuses, stop procrastinating and getting things done.

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Show Summary

  • What procrastination is, why she wrote a book about it and how she became an expert on procrastination.
  • Why people procrastinate.
  • Juliet' books where she describes 8 stories we tell ourselves when procrastinating. They are connected to time, knowledge, mood, tasks, fears, responsibility, self-belief and results. I'm particularly interested in 4 of these: time, mood, fears and responsibility.
  • If procrastination is a universal problem or does it affect certain types of people more than others?
  • Is there a link between procrastination and perfectionism?
  • If procrastinating is always a bad thing? Can there ever be good reasons to procrastinate?
  • If Juliet still procrastinates!

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