Episode 141 – Life Admin with guest Katie Hassall

Lesley and Katie

In this episode, Lesley is talking to Katie Hassall - Katie is one of Lesley's Clutter Fairies and has been working for her for over 5 years now. Katie lives in the beautiful walled city of Chester and is about to move house for the second time in a year.

Katie has lots of hats, - my right hand woman at The Clutter Fairy, social media guru for the Declutter Hub, Clutter Fairy and Organise Your House and also is an Executive Assistant.

Paperwork is her thing - she loves it and getting jobs done is the name of the game for Katie which is why she was the obvious choice when it comes to talking about Life Admin.

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Show Summary

  • We delve into what Life Admin actually is - it includes a lot more things than you may have thought about initially!
  • Katie explains why Life Admin needs to be done on a regular basis in order to keep your life running smoothly
  • She also gives us some of her best hints and tips to keep you on track for your Life Admin such as not procrastinating

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