Episode 140 – Decluttering Tools

Episode 155 – The Discovery of Less with Guest Chris Lovett
Episode 154 – Preparing kids’ stuff for Uni

In this episode, we are discussing all things tools. Tools seem to hang around in our homes forever as we acquire them from many places, be it needing a tool for one specific project or being handed down an entire toolbox. They can quickly get out of hand if we don't keep an eye on them.

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Show Summary

  • You need to be realistic with the tools you have - do the number of tools reflect your current life? 
  • It is handy to have a small toolbox inside the home with things you might need regularly like a measuring tape or an allen key but it is better to keep the rest of the tools in another storage area such as the garage. 
  • There are lots of places you can donate your tools, we have listed them in the useful resources section above.

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  • Neri says:

    So appropriate this blog on tools and so realistic I feel quite justified now Ingrid keeping my power tools in the linen cupboard ! They would rust out in a month here in the island
    Time to tackle the messy throw it on top tool and paint cupboard!!!
    Thanks for the tips I’ll allow 1/2 a day to collect everything in the house !

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