Episode 101 – Decluttering with the Reset Your Home System

reset your home system

Lesley and Ingrid are talking about the basics of decluttering success in this 101th podcast. To get your decluttering project to a successful finish you need to follow a certain path and that's why we have created our Reset Your Home System.

So, let’s get things back to basics. Why is this so hard? We know people who want to declutter their homes are on a mission to transform their lives but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Within the Declutter Hub we use a very simple Reset your Home System and we explain how it will help you in your decluttering journey.

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Show Summary

  • Reset your home Thought by Thought.  How often do we find ourselves starting a decluttering project that takes us round and round in circles? Let’s start by acknowledging decluttering is not easy! We may have had a lifetime of chaos surrounded by things we feel we ought to keep. And we become overwhelmed. So, we start by focusing on having less stuff but it’s never just about the stuff! It’s all about our heart ruling our head. It’s about working out why we have an emotional tie to the stuff around us. Habits and emotions are ingrained in us and have been around for decades so they are not going to give up without a fight.  In short, it’s about us, not the clutter. 
  • Reset your home Room by Room
    People always want to declutter the hardest rooms first. People have no idea where to start - they need guidance. There is no one way to declutter a house, but there is a way to build up your decluttering muscle. The Reset Roadmap - We have created a Reset Roadmap where we take you on a journey through your house in the order that gives you the best result
  • Reset your home Day by Day
    By incorporating decluttering into other household chores you are doing, you tackle it regularly and it becomes part of a process rather than the overwhelming task it has been in the past.  And once you commit to tackling your clutter in this way, it will become a habit and you’ll never look back!

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