Episode 99 – My decluttering journey with Tracy

decluttering journey with Tracy

A decluttering journey looks very different depending on your circumstances and mindset. Tracy tells us how her aha moments came during some of our podcasts and how she has progressed in her decluttering journey.

Tracy is a yoga teacher and tells us how Aparigraha, the yogic teaching of non attachment, is so closely related to decluttering and how her journey with decluttering has enhanced her teaching of yoga.

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Show Summary

  • Aparigraha means non attachment in yoga teachings. 
  • As a yoga teacher, Tracy wanted to explore the world of decluttering and how this would help her yoga.
  • She started listening to The Declutter Hub Podcast and has three firm favourites.
  • She joined The Declutter Hub as a founder member and has never looked back.Her family are fully on board and supportive of her decluttering journey.
  • Having a clutter free home had a huge impact on how she was able to change her business to online during lockdown .

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