Episode 107 – The Sweep

Room that is disorganised and needs a quick tidy up


In this episode we are talking about something we see all the time in our clients’ houses and we know lots of people do it! The Sweep! This is essentially a quick tidy up of the home, where you go around with a bag or a basket and collect items around the home to put away. This leads to issues longer term.

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Show Summary

  • We discuss what 'The Sweep' is and how you can easily fall foul of tidying up in a panic.
  • We talk about the reasons why people do it, ranging from people turning up unexpectedly to creating space on a counter top.
  • The issues that surround this quick tidy up such as clutter being placed out-of-sight out-of-mind.
  • We mention the various ways the problems with 'The Sweep' can be rectified and fixed.

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