Episode 2 – What is decluttering, organising and tidying?

As Professional Organisers we use the terms decluttering, organising and tidying all the time. But what is decluttering? What is tidying and what is organising? And more importantly, how are they different? We believe they are three different actions and in this podcast we discuss the difference between them and ask ourselves if there is an overlap. We believe it’s best to declutter first, then organise and tidy on a regular basis. 

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Show Summary

  • What is decluttering? It's deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Decluttering is an emotional decision making process. Questions you can ask yourself are: do I use it, need it or love it? If not you can let it go so you downscale the excess you have in your home. Decluttering is a continuous process.
  • What is organising? It's deciding where items are going to live in your home. A place for everything, everything in its place. Put stuff in a place where it makes sense and where you would look for it. Grouping items together can help with organising, but keep your storage solutions simple.
  • What is tidying? It's returning items to the place where they belong. This should happen several times a day and it’s best to return items straight after you’ve used them.

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