Episode 8 – My Decluttering Journey From Chaotic and Cluttered to Orderly and Organised

Jo Middleton Photo Decluttering Journey

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Following a decluttering journey from chaotic and cluttered to orderly and organised!

Our guest today is Jo Middleton who was a client at The Clutter Fairy. It’s important that we get perspectives on decluttering from people who have had clutter and disorganisation in their lives and have turned a corner. Jo talks all about her experience both as a client of The Clutter Fairy and all her work independently in the years since, and her overall decluttering journey. 

The things we discuss in this episode

  • What was it that made Jo so overwhelmed that she decided to ask for help?
  • What emotions she felt once she had made the plunge
  • Whether the process was as she had expected
  • What the best thing was about the decluttering process
  • Which rooms in her home she feels were most impactful after the declutter
  • Whether that one to one process can be replicated in the online community, The Declutter Hub.
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