Episode 77 – Clutter Fairy client Jill talks about her journey into hoarding

hoarding in a living room

In this podcast, Lesley talks to one of her Clutter Fairy clients, Jill, as they discuss the question 'What is hoarding?' 

This is such an open, honest and insightful discussion about one woman's journey with hoarding tendencies. One not to be missed, especially if you're curious about what hoarding is and how it affects people.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Did Jill have any hoarding behaviours as a child?
  • How the death of her mum created huge void in her life.
  • How Jill bought lots of things to try and mask how she was feeling.
  • Watching the programme, "Hoarders Next Door" prompted her for the first time to pick up the phone and ask for help.
  • She had tried using decluttering books to find a way though her hoarding but they didn't help.
  • Working with a Professional Organiser has been stressful at times but positive.
  • Craft items are the things she finds most difficult to part with.
  • Does Jill think she will ever fully be free of her hoarding tendencies?..

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  • Emma says:

    I knew Jill’s voice as soon as I heard it! I’ve met her, not sure that she’ll remember me though. I’m also a craft hoarder, Amongst many other things.. but unfortunately share my house with my large family. Everything Jill said resonates with me. I just don’t know where to start. My problem is that I no longer have an income due to illness, so keep things just in case..
    I listened to this podcast hoping for inspiration, I got a blast from the past and the push I needed.. have to start somewhere!

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