Episode 86 – What is chronic disorganisation with guest expert Alison Lush?

Alison Lush explains what is chronic disorganisation

What is chronic disorganisation and how do I know whether I am living with it? Our guest, Alison Lush, is a Professional Organiser specialising in working with clients with Chronic Disorganisation.

What is chronic disorganisation? In this podcast, we welcome @alisonmarielush from @icd to explain some of the signs.

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If we are struggling with clutter and disorganisation, it can be tough to understand why. Alison Lush explains some of the signs that someone may be living with Chronic Disorganisation and why it can be hard to navigate your way through.

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Show summary

What are some of the things that may show you are living with chronic disorganisation?

  • A lack of confidence in your ability to organise 
  • A history of failed attempts at improving
  • Your day lacks structure and routines 
  • Self knowledge on how to declutter is missing

What else do we know about chronic disorganisation?

  • It is a persistent problem
  • It undermines quality of life
  • It recurs despite repeated self help attempts

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