Episode 84 – How to declutter when you live with ADHD

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  • The more stuff you own the more complicated your life will be when you live with ADHD.
  • Evaluate the cost of keeping something rather than the cost of letting go.
  • Strive for simplicity over perfection.
  • Reduce what comes into your house by decluttering at the point of entry.
  • Have a place for everything so you can return everything to its place.
  •  The concept of mindfulness is a challenge to those living with ADHD.
  • Reduce any obstacles that stand in your way of putting things away.
  • Labels and colour coding are useful strategies.
  • When you are looking at new ways to organise, tweak systems rather than fully change them.

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  • Dana K says:

    I loved Sarah’s tips and suggestions. Iam 47 year old who’s ADHD symptoms had become unmanageable with the diminishing levels of estrogen. I’d love more of these tips broken down to particular tasks. I start on one corner and before finishing it , I move to another.
    The way I manage washing up dishes is by breaking it into cups, plates, knives,. . . and so on. So similar tips for accomplishing one category or one corner would be great. I find Mari Kondo’s methods don’t work for me, because I’ve acquired enormous quantities of stuff.
    Thank you very much for your fantastic efforts. I really enjoy your podcasts and sharing your personal experiences, especially during lock down. I find it particularly comforting to know, that It’s not just me who sleeps more than usual.
    Stay safe

    • HI Dana, so happy that you enjoyed our podcast with Sarah. She talks so much sense. Keep on going with our podcasts to inspire you and I saw you had already joined our facebook group which is great news. We will help you in any way we can! Best of luck. Lesley x

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