Episode 7 – Guest Expert Jasmine Sleigh Discusses Her Work and Understanding Hoarding


Our guest today is Jasmine Sleigh, Owner of Change Your Space, based in Devon. Since 2014, Jasmine has been working with local councils, social services, mental health teams, and the Fire Service with clients who are living in dangerously full homes. She has worked with many people who have a pronounced hoarding issue in their homes, sorting their belongings and making spaces safer. In this podcast, we begin understanding hoarding.

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Show Summary

  • How we know whether someone is experiencing more pronounced hoarding tendencies or even hoarding disorder rather than being overwhelmed with clutter.
  • What are the triggers that have made someone hoard?
  • Successful outcomes working one to one with people who have hoarding issues.
  • Potential actions for listeners who believe they or a loved one has a hoarding issue.
  • We begin understanding hoarding.

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