Episode 89 – My decluttering journey with guest Timna

my decluttering journey

A decluttering journey looks very different depending on your circumstances and mindset. Timna, a Declutter Hub Bootcamp member, tells us how and when her light bulb moments happened.

Timna has amassed clutter along the way to a point where it became overwhelming. Her story is not remarkable - it's just stuff that has gathered along the way but her decluttering journey is both inspirational, motivational and one not to miss.

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Show Summary

  • The clutter started to build once Timna and her husband had children. 
  • There is not one particular kind of clutter that stands out. It was just an amalgamation of lots of types. 
  • She has sentimental attachment to lots of things around her home.
  • She realises that even though you may be on a decluttering mission, your family may not be on board immediately.
  • She has learnt how critical goals and preparation are.
  • She has changed the way she shops.
  • Accountability has played a huge part in her decluttering journey.
  • Timna explains her Room of Doom and how she finally tackled it after years of failed attempts.

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