Episode 82 – Decluttering craft supplies with guest Jill

decluttering craft supplies

Decluttering craft supplies is something that many crafters have to continually focus on but Jill's story takes things to another level. In this podcast, we discuss what led Jill to have hoarding tendencies and how decluttering craft items is a continuing part of her everyday life.

This is such an open, honest and insightful discussion about one woman's journey with hoarding tendencies. In particular, Jill's hoarding led to her needing to continually focus on decluttering craft supplies. Listen in to episode 77 first to get an insight into how Jill's hoarding began. One not to be missed! 

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Show Summary

  • Why Jill began to craft in the beginning 
  • How her desire to have the latest craft supplies increased over time
  • How working with Lesley opened her eyes to the volumes she was keeping
  • How things have changed
  • What are the next steps on her decluttering journey?
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