Episode 131 – My decluttering journey with Sandra Czachur

In this episode, Lesley is speaking to her longstanding friend who she has known for over 20 years. They met when Lesley's oldest child was 2 and Sandra’s youngest child was 2. Sandra was born and bred in Sale, Cheshire which is where Lesley lives. She raised her 5 children here in a beautiful 6 bedroom Victorian property and once her children started to flee the nest she followed her dreams and relocated to Llandudno in Wales near the seaside. Sandra has had a very interesting life full stop but Lesley is happy to say that when any help was needed with a build up of clutter, Sandra always asked for her help. To say there has been a colossal change is an understatement as Sandra is now proud to be an Instagram Interiors influencer. 

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Show summary

  • Sandra explains what it is like to raise 5 children, all born within 7 years
  • Despite always being organised, Sandra asked for help when she hit a stumbling block - paperwork
  • We talk about the house sale of Sandra's family home and downsizing, and then upsizing again to Llandudno 
  • Since moving to Wales, Sandra has found a new-found love of interior designing
  • Sandra gives her top tip for downsizing

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