Episode 95 – My decluttering journey with Josephine

decluttering journey Josephine Wing

A decluttering journey looks very different depending on your circumstances and mindset. Josephine tells us how and when her light bulb moments happened.

Josephine undertook a declutter of her dad and her aunt's house and it lead her down a path of re-evaluating her own relationship with stuff in her own home. Josephine describes her own decluttering journey.

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Show Summary

  • Josephine found herself involved in her dad's downsizing. 
  • She managed the process efficiently with her family but it made her reflect on things her dad didn't need.
  • She had always thought her clutter needed tweaking but going through the 40 day 40 items challenge made her realise she had more than she thought.
  • She embarked on The Declutter Hub Bootcamp.
  • She has learnt how critical structure is.
  • She has changed the way she shops.
  • Accountability has played a huge part in her decluttering journey.
  • Although her mindset has started to shift, she is dedicated to continuing her decluttering journey.

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