Episode 50 – Guest expert, Nicki Munns discusses downsizing

Nicki Munns - Smiling woman

In this podcast, Lesley talks to Nicki Munns, from Kent based All-Organised, about the increase in people downsizing their homes from a larger property to a smaller one. Downsizing is becoming increasingly popular but it can be a hugely overwhelming task for people to tackle the project alone. People are turning to specialist downsizing companies to help them manage the task - from decluttering to administrative tasks to working out suitability of furniture.

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Show Summary

  • Kitchens can be one of the most difficult areas of the home to declutter when downsizing.
  • Compromise is often needed to ensure you take just those things that you are going to need in the new version of your life.
  • Checking that your current furniture will fit is critical.
  • Often retirement properties that are new are staged to make them look bigger, so this can be an additional challenge.
  • There are often great storage options in retirement properties but it is still likely to have less storage than you are used to.
  • Photograph antiques and send them off to local antique dealers to see whether they have any saleable value.
  • Consider giving furniture to charity when you are downsizing.
  • Lofts and garages are more straightforward to declutter as there tends not to be the emotional attachment.

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