Episode 150 – Busting Decluttering Myths

150th Episode
Podcast 189 – What’s a photo without the story with Guest Hazel Thornton
Podcast 188 – 10 things to declutter to keep your paper piles down

We’re celebrating 150 episodes of our podcast and what better way than to bust some decluttering myths.

There are a lot of things out there in the decluttering world that send us off on a tangent and stop us from achieving our goals.

In this podcast, we discuss 7 decluttering myths that you shouldn’t believe.

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Show Summary

  • One size fits all
  • Decluttering is all about stuff
  • I’ve always been this way, I can’t change (smart goals & preparation)
  • Decluttering is a 1 time project
  • Decluttering takes just 10 minutes per day
  • To declutter I need to become a minimalist
  • Storage is the answer to my clutter problems.

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