Episode 112 – Guest interview with member Sue

Sue Wood

In today’s episode we are talking to one of our Declutter Hub members, Sue, who has been with us for around one year! Sue gives us an insight into her story and the progress she has achieved since being a member.

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Show Summary

  • Sue gives us an insight into her procrastination and how it impacts her decluttering  progress
  • Do we keep hold of things because they are part of our identity?
  • We discuss how upsizing can be the right decision as you get older
  • What Sue's lightbulb moments have been in the membership
  • How being part of The Declutter Hub Membership has helped Sue

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  • Barbara says:

    Thank you Sue for agreeing to this interview. I found it so helpful, as someone of a similar age, thinking about the difficult process of letting go of who I am (still running part-time business) and how I want to enjoy new things, held back by incomplete half-finished projects. Your intentional upsizing was a lightbulb for me – along with enjoying the space. Ingrid and Lesley are so generous giving their time and expertise in ways that are REAL along with LAUGHTER. The shared experiences of members from around the world make this a warm caring place.

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