Episode 104 – Guest interview with member Jeani

member jeani, smiling in a green shirt discussing her decluttering story

In today’s episode Lesley and Ingrid are talking to one of their Declutter Hub Members about their decluttering story. Jeani, who lives in Colombus, Ohio, has been a member since April, and is aiming to downsize her home from a house to a condo.

In this weeks podcast we are chatting to one of our members, Jeani, about her decluttering story and housemove #downsing #declutterhub

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Show summary

  • Jeani gives an insight into her lifestyle, such as her kids no longer living at home, and describes the current state of her home.
  • Jeani explains her thought process of having to get rid of 75% of her stuff to be able to downsize into a condo.
  • She describes how she makes decluttering fun through various tips.
  • We discuss Jeani's decluttering story with the Declutter Hub, including how she found us, the different challenges she has partaken in, and the bits she loves about the Declutter Hub.

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