Episode 144 – Guest interview with Declutter Hub member Emma

Emma and Lucy
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In this episode, Ingrid is chatting to one of The Declutter Hub Members, Emma and her fab 9-year old daughter Lucy, who are our first mother and daughter combo in the Declutter Hub Membership. Emma joined The Declutter Hub at the beginning of 2021 and has been on an incredible journey since - she has even managed to get her daughter, Lucy, and her son on board with their family's decluttering journey!

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Show Summary

  • Emma begins by explaining how she found The Declutter Hub, and her journey from taking part in one of our free challenges to when she decided to purchase our membership.
  • She explains her decluttering process, from where she first started to declutter and what other projects she has tackled since.
  • She tells us when her friends and family really started to notice a difference with her behaviour and how her home looked.
  • Emma describes how she got her family on board with the journey - it all started with the donation station!
  • Emma's to-do box is now a key part in her family home, and ensures that all the little odd-jobs get done rather than sitting in random places.
  • Emma goes on to explain all of her favourite elements of our membership and how it has changed her life for the long term.
  • We finish the podcast by speaking to her daughter who has been on her own decluttering mission after following in her mums footsteps - she even joined in on one of our challenges!

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  • Barbara Hales says:

    This is one of my favourite podcasts from your lovely members. Emma gives a recognisable glimpse of the changes in a whole family as a result of following Ingrid and Lesley’s carefully worked out pattern – along with the fun and support of the membership. Thanks Emma and Lucy too.

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