Episode 113 – Decluttering mistakes you need to stop making

Woman thinking about her decluttering mistakes

In today’s episode we are talking about the decluttering mistakes we see people making over and over again. If you keep making those mistakes you won’t enjoy your decluttering and organising and it will take longer each time to muster up the energy to start a next task or project and the longer it takes in between projects the harder it will be.

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Show Summary

  • You need to declutter first, then decide where the stuff lives and then decide on what box to buy to either containerise, make it pretty or both
  • Adequate preparation is key!
  • It's the emotions attached to items that makes it hard to declutter.
  • Don't start with the worst room first.
  • Sentimental items should be tackled last.
  • Decide on one room to declutter at a time and complete it before moving onto the next room.

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