Episode 87 – Avoiding self sabotage when decluttering

avoiding self sabotage

Avoiding self sabotage when decluttering is a vital component of your journey. Decluttering can be a life changing project, but it's important that we start to shift our mindset too, so we no longer bring things into our homes that we don't need.

When we are out shopping, there are so many things where control is taken away from us - we bow to pressure from marketeers, emails and sometimes even friends and buy things we hadn't intended. It's so important to shop intentionally to avoid self sabotage when decluttering our homes.

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Show Summary

  • Car boot sales, yard sales and charity shops can be a minefield if we love to find a bargain. 
  • Intentional shopping often goes right out of the window when there is a serious sale on in a shop.
  • If we are subscribed to marketing emails, temptation is never far away.
  • Beware buying extra items you don't need in order to get sample sizes or free gifts.
  • Unless it's absolutely necessary, it's never a great idea to take free sauces, salt, straws and napkins from takeaways and fast food chains.
  • Taking free hangers from shops when you buy clothes makes it very difficult to avoid self sabotage when you are decluttering.
  • Craft markets, farmers markets and trade shows are even more tricky to navigate your way through than standard shops as they are full of exciting items.
  • Parties that your friends host like candle parties, makeup parties etc bring with them an inner guilt that we need to buy something.
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